About Us

Our story is not a typical one – seo2go was founded in 2009 by David Lee and Jonathan Cheah.  Having worked extensively in the web industry the past 10 years performing SEO services for corporate sites,  we were approached by friends and colleagues who had bad experiences dealing with SEO companies.  They told us that the combination of lack of communication, mediocre results and minimal visibility of what work was actually being done,  caused them to feel that they could not trust their current SEO company. In the end, our friends just wanted to deal with a company they could trust and we were glad to be that company for them.

Which brings us to today!  Our Mission Statement: To be the most trusted SEO Company 

What does trusted mean?

  • You can trust that we will deliver the best results possible
  • You can trust that we are doing the work we promised to do

Here at seo2go, we want to work with clients who:

  • Know the importance of SEO being a collaborative effort – we strongly believe that great ideas are often born out of discussion!
  • Understand that SEO is not a short term quick win – It will take a few months before you start to see good results, but in the long run, SEO if far more cost effective than paid advertising.
  • Are excited to see their website ranking on the first page of search engines – are you aware  how many potential customers can’t find you, and are taking their cash to your competitors?
  • Value having personal strategies and services tailored to their unique needs.

If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you right now!