Why is it so expensive?

The numbers might seem large at first, but if you compare with hiring someone full-time it will equate to less than $4 per hour! (for our “Be Found” package)

Can’t I do it myself?

You could, as there are lots of effective SEO techniques for free online (like in this blog!)  However, you’d have to want to work much longer hours than you already do.  Link building in particular is an ongoing task, and particularly in high competition industries, will require even more time to compete.

What results have you achieved?

Check out our cases studies.

How Do you stay recent?

Staying in touch with Google’s blog and announcements, and perhaps most importantly, experimenting and refining our techniques, and measuring the results.

What makes you different and why should I choose you?

To be honest there are a fair few companies who provide great SEO services (we’d believe we’re one of them!).  We can only focus on providing you more value and benefit than you spend with us.

Why should I choose a more expensive package

Higher competition means you will need more firepower to keep up.  Large brands have big budgets to throw at their link building campaigns, and their established presence gives them an advantage over newcomers.  If you don’t invest in the right SEO package you may never catch your competitors.  The longer you leave it, the bigger the gap will become!

How can you guarantee results?

Google’s ranking algorithm is always changing and there is a risk that SEO methods that work today, won’t work tomorrow. We want to take away the risk from you.  We are confident that we will achieve the results and you should be at total peace of mind that you are signing up with a company that holds themselves accountable.

What sort of questions should I ask an SEO company?

What kind of results have you achieved, i.e. rankings and timeframes

How do you measure success?

What strategy do you provide?

What’s most important in your strategy?

Why should I choose you over seo2go?